Probiotic Facial Mister


100% Natural Ingredients


Enviotic’s Probiotic Facial Mister is the first 3- in-1 mist sprayer not only good for Hydrating and Skin Care, but helping rid your skin of harmful pathogens. The mister splits our probiotic solution into tiny nanometer particles, releasing an ultrafine and long-distance mist. This penetrates the skin and promotes deep hydrating. It calms and softens your skin, soothing away mild pain or itching that overexposure to sun may cause. The ultra-fine mist helps you set and refresh your make-up without damaging it.

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Contains over 50 million probiotics per ml. Our moisture balanced probiotic misting solution will enhance your microbiome.

  • The first facial mister that is powered by 100% natural probiotics.
  • Daily use nourishes the skin and ensures optimum improvement of the skin’s microbiome.
  • Apply to face as needed and the probiotics will actively protect and balance all skin types.


Add probiotic solution to mister and slide down mister cover. Hold mister 3-5 inches from face and moisturize face as needed. Solution will not harm your makeup.


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