Probiotic Auto Fogger

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100% Natural Ingredients – No Cfc’s


  • The first automotive air & HVAC system cleanser powered by 100% natural probiotics.
  • A probiotic micro-purifier that colonizes the air and the smallest, hardest to reach surfaces of pipes, filters, and venting of an HVAC system.
  • Delivers long-lasting air cleansing, active odor elimination, and a healthier environment.
  • Specially formulated probiotics provide protection for up to three months.


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What This Product Removes

Our Probiotic Auto Fogger removes¬†Pathogenic Bacteria, Allergens, Pollutants, Mold, Mildew, Odors from your car’s HVAC system, and interior surfaces.

Product Benefits

The Probiotic Fogger is Anti-Allergenic, Ozone Safe and contains no Cfc’s.

1 Application Lasts Up To 3 Months

Instructions For Use

1. Turn ignition on and close all windows.

2. Ensure all HVAC vents are open.

3. Turn on HVAC system and set fan to high.

4. Activate air-recirculation mode.

5. Shake can well and place on center console.

6. Press the nozzle tip down until it locks in place.

Do not aim toward face when activating.


7. Exit the vehicle and close the door.

8. Once the container has emptied, wait at least

three minutes before turning off the HVAC system.

This allows the probiotics to to fully colonize the

surfaces of the HVAC system and start working

2 reviews for Probiotic Auto Fogger

  1. chrisleo

    This product is great! My car smells so fresh and clean. I had no idea that my HVAC was dirty and making my car smell stale.

  2. Eric

    I honestly didn’t think this product was going to work, but it wasn’t that expensive, so I took a chance. I can’t believe it got that stale smell out of my car. I’m going to buy more for my other cars. I highly reccomend!

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